Accept Online & In Person Payments

 Virtual Payment Solutions offers seamless online credit card processing. Secure payment processing so you and your clients have peace of mind. Let us help you extend the functionality of your site and on the go processing. Online and mobile processing rates are affordable and reliable. Rental software integrations may be available. 

VPS Sign Up Perks ...

Perks of Signing Up-

  • 1 Free Reader (Magtek or Cardpointe)
  • Account Approvals in Less Than 3 Days
  • No Monthly Platform Fee If your Business is affected by COVID-19
  • Monthly Fee Will Begin When You Re-Open ( $20 Per Month) 
  • No Gateway Fees, No Monthly Minimums, No Annual Fee, No REFUND FEE
  • No Chargeback Fees
  • Save Money

We Are Changing The Card Processing Industry. No Hidden Fees, EVER...

VPS Pricing For You...

Processing Rates

Our pricing preference is interchange plus, it is considered the best and most affordable pricing structure. However, we can offer you the below rates if you so choose. 

- Card Not Present 2.59% plus .25cents per transaction
- Swiped Cards 1.59% plus .25cents per transaction
- Monthly Platform Fee- $20
Platform Fee Includes The Following
1- Servicing Your Account 

2-Virtual Terminal
3-Transaction Management
4-Access Reports
5-Hosted Payment Page
6-Access Statements
7-Customer Profiles
8-Bill Plans/Recurring Billing
9-Email Alerts for chargebacks, declines, and more
10-ISO/Android APP
11-Catalog- Create Categories & Products

PCI Annual Fee: $119
PCI non-compliant $29.99 monthly 

We work with you to get you PCI compliant. Simple process

So You Don't Have To Pay The Non-Compliant Fee!

Mobile Swiper Options

Cardpointe Swiper

Magtek Card Swiper

Magtek Card Swiper


This card reader is ideal for any event rental company who is accepting payments in the field or at pay to play events. 

Magtek Card Swiper

Magtek Card Swiper

Magtek Card Swiper


Magtek card reader. Available for iphones and androids. 

EMV & Contactless

Magtek Card Swiper

EMV & Contactless


Social Distancing Option!! Go contactless with our VP3300 card reader today. Allow your customers to pay by inserting thier chip card. Swipe, dip, and tap options are coming soon! This is the future of accepting payments!