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What Is VPAY? Is It For Me?

No Hidden Fees, Honesty Upfront, Always!

No Hidden Fees, Honesty Upfront, Always!


VPAY is a virtual payment page offered to you through cardpointe. It's secure for checkout pages that capture payments online from your clients. VPAY is simply for any business that includes payment links in emails or on their site.. Let VPS help you increase your profits!

No Hidden Fees, Honesty Upfront, Always!

No Hidden Fees, Honesty Upfront, Always!

No Hidden Fees, Honesty Upfront, Always!


 Welcome to VPAY. VPAY is an all in one solution to all credit card transactions. When you use VPAY, UPAY $29.99 a month plus 2.75% Per transaction. The 2.75% can be paid by your customer.

VPAY- 2.75% + $29.99 A Month

What is Included in VPAY?


  • No Contracts 
  • No Minimums 
  • No Gateway Fee 
  • No Early Termination Fee 
  • No Annual Fee 
  • No Rate or Fee Increases Ever
  • Invoice Number
  • Customer Number
  • SKU Information
  • Next Day Funding for credit transactions except for Friday Saturday Sunday transactions or holidays 
  • Custom options for fonts, colors, and logos to match company branding
  • Add custom fields, user-defined fields, and drop-down fields 
  • Pay/Buy Now button and a Donate button 
  • Include reCAPTCHA verification, which verifies that the consumer is a human and not a bot when completing the payment form
  • Customize a payment confirmation page and receipt
  • Enable Recurring Billing Plans
  • Use multiple merchant IDs (MIDs) on one hosted plan (helpful for businesses with multiple cost centers)
  • Display line item details and allow customers to choose a line item on their invoice to pay
  • Send notifications such as email payment confirmations to an unlimited number of internal users and webhooks to auto-feed internal accounting or other systems
  • Manage advanced settings such as:
    • Maximum number of declined payments 
    • Minimum and maximum payment amounts
  • Sensitive payment data will never reside in your system, thus reducing your PCI scope.
  • Access includes tokenization and double-encryption of credentials. Our customer login feature allows consumers to enter payment information and have a token stored securely on their profile, which can be used for future payments.
  • Real time transaction management 
  • Void and refund transactions

Why Is VPAY A Solution For You?

Minimal Out of Pocket, with a low rate of 2.75% that is passed on to your client per transaction plus $29.99 a month. Our Virtual Payment Page (VPP) is a secure, online checkout page for all businesses to collect credit cards and ACH payments online. It includes a customizable Pay/Buy button that links to a secure, PCI-compliant page, complete with your company's logo and brand imaging. We can create an HPP for you in minutes, with no programming required. 

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